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Children ages four to six are at the jumping off point between pre-school and kindergarten. Making that transition smoother for both parent and child is what Adventure Zone Daycare will focus on at this stage of life. We'll work more hands-on activities into their schedule, and even give them a chance to be "class helpers." After all, who better to show the younger kids the ropes?

Elementary school is the next adventure

Don't let the cost of child care hold you back from your dreams. We accept Child Care Network Funding. Call today to discuss your options.

For the older kids, the day will begin with "circle time" with the group. Then we'll move toward more independent activities.

Let the circle be unbroken

At Adventure Zone Daycare, we want to see your child off to kindergarten with a genuine excitement about learning and the joy it can bring to their lives.  We'll help four to six year olds work on the skills they need for school, such as remembering a classmate's name, and basic manners, all while receiving positive reinforcement and building their self-esteem. We want their time with us to be a fond memory for everyone.

Let the adventure in learning begin

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