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Children between the ages of two and three are usually ready to integrate more structured activities into their day. Adventure Zone Daycare offers all of that and more. In addition to same-age group activities, we give toddlers a chance to interact with older kids, as well as the staff, to develop their social and communication skills. Parents and family are always welcome to join the fun at Adventure Zone Daycare!  

Helping little explorers navigate their world

Adventure Zone Daycare tuition includes nutritious breakfast, lunch and a snack. We participate in the State Food Program.

At Adventure Zone Daycare, two- and three-year olds are kept active and focused by having fun. We have daily "circle time" with the group with movement and listening games, songs and stories.

Singing and games and stories, oh my!

At Adventure Zone Daycare, we sneak in a little learning along with the fun. At the ages of two and three, we begin teaching children some life basics like days of the week, months, names of colors and shapes. We'll even start them on learning the alphabet. This is the prime age when kids feel most excited about learning, so don't be surprised if they have lots to tell you at the end of their day with us!

They'll have their own adventure stories to tell

Space is limited, so let your child join our family today!